Why Jay Z should’ve worn the thong

I’d just emerged, groggy, from a Visual Album induced coma all ready to write a piece about Beyonce’s new flirtation with feminism, when the Grammys happened and all manner of shit hit the fan. The furore of criticism that surrounds the performance ranges from Beyonce’s provocative outfit to those lyrics spouted by Jay Z. As you’re […]

The ‘Blurred Line’ Between Catchy Pop and Misogyny

I didn’t want to end up writing about it. I tried to ignore it, I did, but since I’m being subjected to it on a pretty much HOURLY basis by the radio, tv, advertising, I don’t think I can keep quiet for much longer. I am, of course, talking about the poisonous atrocity that is […]

What do women need?

I watched a couple of programmes this week, both equally hilarious and deeply harrowing. They were ‘What happens in Kavos’ and ‘The Vagina Monologues’ (created in the 90’s- I’m late to the party, I know). Both programmes made me start to question what women (and to be honest- what all the human race) actually bloody […]

How to live your life! The 5 step guide from advertising.

Do you ever find yourself assuming the foetal position on the bathroom floor and weeping to your rubber duck because you have no idea how to live your life? NEVER FEAR! Advertisements have gone and done the hard work and tell you exactly how to live your life, how to look, and how exactly you […]

What makes a good woman?

Watching Bridesmaids the other evening I had a revelation. It went something like this… “Oh my god, these women are funny!” Now, I’m well aware that funny women exist- being one myself of course (lolz) – but I’d never observed a funny woman in film before. I’ve seen plenty of cute women, sexy women, career-women-who-pretend-to-not-need-a-man-but-really-do […]