Why Jay Z should’ve worn the thong

I’d just emerged, groggy, from a Visual Album induced coma all ready to write a piece about Beyonce’s new flirtation with feminism, when the Grammys happened and all manner of shit hit the fan. The furore of criticism that surrounds the performance ranges from Beyonce’s provocative outfit to those lyrics spouted by Jay Z. As you’re […]

Yes this is another article about Miley Cyrus.

But I urge you to stick around, it might make you think about things a little bit differently. If not for that, at least wait until I use phrases such as ‘twerktacular’ and ‘heavy breathing commentary’. Also look out for me attempting to use ‘correct grammar’ and failing miserably. I’ve just started a MA in […]

The ‘Blurred Line’ Between Catchy Pop and Misogyny

I didn’t want to end up writing about it. I tried to ignore it, I did, but since I’m being subjected to it on a pretty much HOURLY basis by the radio, tv, advertising, I don’t think I can keep quiet for much longer. I am, of course, talking about the poisonous atrocity that is […]

6 Reasons to Celebrate Women.

Sometimes it can seem, as a member of the lady species, that there’s simply nothing to celebrate. It can often feel as though the entire world is telling you to strap on a beard and just be done with it. But before you starting weeping (into said fake beard) because your boyfriend has decided to […]