6 Reasons to Celebrate Women.

Sometimes it can seem, as a member of the lady species, that there’s simply nothing to celebrate. It can often feel as though the entire world is telling you to strap on a beard and just be done with it. But before you starting weeping (into said fake beard) because your boyfriend has decided to […]

What do women need?

I watched a couple of programmes this week, both equally hilarious and deeply harrowing. They were ‘What happens in Kavos’ and ‘The Vagina Monologues’ (created in the 90’s- I’m late to the party, I know). Both programmes made me start to question what women (and to be honest- what all the human race) actually bloody […]

I’m not a feminist but…

The other day I asked a class of 15 year olds what they thought a feminist would look like. Expecting a united ‘burly-man-hating-lesbian’ response and armed with intelligent comebacks, I waited with baited breath and my feminist hackles up. The cheeky chap of the group was the one to break the silence. Having already been […]