Sally Biddall

I recently graduated with a Masters in Journalism from Cardiff University. I’ve found myself in a fantastic role as a Digital Content Producer for Formative – a company which specialises in Content Marketing and Social Media for businesses.

Prior to this, my vehement need to understand human behaviour lead me to study Sociology at the University of Southampton. Here I attained a 2.1 and a shameful knowledge of drinking games.

I have been published in The Telegraph, the Sunday Times Travel Magazine and various online publications and endeavour to freelance more in the future. PRs are more than welcome to contact me on My Telegraph pieces can be found here:

I’ve been asked to take part in discussions about feminism on two occasions by the BBC World Service, an experience which I truly enjoyed. So if anyone needs a vociferous feminist (who doesn’t?) you know where I am.

Feel free to follow me on twitter @sallybiddall.

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