Sometimes it can seem, as a member of the lady species, that there’s simply nothing to celebrate. It can often feel as though the entire world is telling you to strap on a beard and just be done with it. But before you starting weeping (into said fake beard) because your boyfriend has decided to wear one of these in your presence and you’ve been given an apron for your birthday (you don’t care if it’s ‘practical’) I have compiled a handy list of things to rejoice about your fellow lady folk. As my friend pointed out, we’ve come a long way since our grandmother’s day and although we have got a way to go, on a dreary faux spring day, sometimes you just need some PMA. International Women’s Day may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the celebration has to too. So here’s a handful of reasons to heart being a woman.


  1. Women break down tired old beauty ideals. Yes Lena Dunham of ‘Girls’ fame, I’m looking at you. If you haven’t already heard, I kinda like her a bit. And for those of you who haven’t seen Girls, it was created and stars Lena Dunham and basically encapsulates the reality of 20- somethings finding their place in the world. It was supposed to be the next ‘Sex and The City’ but to be frank (and I say this being someone who has pretty much based her life plan on Carry Bradshaw) those kind of comparisons make SATC look archaic. By that I mean, Lena has created something which (finally) accurately reflects the complexities of being a woman in a society in which the only ladder we’re getting on is the one leading to the bunk bed in our parent’s house. Oh, and even though she is naked for approx. 80% of the time, she is – by Hollywood standards- big. And what this is basically doing is showing women that being ‘bigger’ doesn’t have to mean being sidelined (or at least heavily instagram filtered). Instead of being ostracized to the ‘special’ realms of ‘plus size’ a la LFW this year, she’s including herself in the main event. Bravo Lena.
  2. Women decide they’re over the whole ‘being treated like a blow up doll’ thing. There comes a time in many women’s lives when jeers of ‘waheeey nice tits love’ go from being secret achievement (THEY’VE FINALLY GROWN. I AM WOMAN) to thoughts of pure rage. For many, indifference to Page 3 morphs into discomfort (‘should I look like that?’) to eventually fear when your child reaches for The Sun in the newsagents. That then turns to impracticality as you have to spend your time thinking of a good explanation for ‘why does that lady have her boobies out mummy?’ If only for this reason, you should support No More Page 3. Parents have enough things to worry about, let’s not add to the list.
  3. Newsflash: Women are funny. Who knew? If you’ve not already read anything by Caitlin Moran, who comes out with such gems as What is feminism? Simply the belief that women should be as free as men, however nuts, dim, deluded, badly dressed, fat, receding, lazy, and smug they might be. Are you a feminist? Hahaha. Of course you are.’ Or have never ventured onto the Vagenda blog with unadulterated genius such as ‘The Front Bottom Buffet’ and ‘A Woman’s right to drink’ then honest to god, you’re missing out. You see, there’s been this slanderous rumour kicking about for some time that women can’t be funny. Only aided by reams of pretty but stupid women in film (see: Bella in Twilight) and having token women on panel shows who are so overpowered by testosterone that inevitable ‘see, I TOLD you women aren’t funny’ conclusions happen. Still not convinced? Watch Bridesmaids and get back to me.
  4. Women are fierce. Beyonce. Need I say more? (I fear if I start writing about Beyonce again people may think I’ve got a problem. WHICH I DON’T OK.)
  5. Women out-sprint the expectations put on them by society. Turns out, the ‘weaker sex’ may not be so weak after all. Jessica Ennis is a prime example of athletic godliness + beauty, which is always an enchanting combination. So next time you’re feeling like you can’t run that marathon or lift that kettle bell, read Fit and Feminist’s pretty marvellous blog and get out there! Or read it and then take a nap, like me. Reading makes me sleepy, what can I say.
  6. And then some women put us all to shame. I’m talking hair, people. We spend up to £2000 a year on products to keep it swishy, shiney and glorious. We preen and pamper for hours like our license to have a vagina depends on it. YOU’RE WORTH IT remember?? Each strand represents our ticket to ladyhood. So when we go to the hairdressers for a trim and they hack off half our locks we want to pick it all up and cello-tape it back to our heads like bad weave. In a nutshell, hair is quite important to us. Then people, like my incredibly courageous friend, go and do something like this. That’s right, she’s shaving off her hair just because she wants to do something good. Now if that’s not a woman worth celebrating, I don’t know what is.
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